Quality Control

Experienced team of Ayurveda experts at Rhuto take care of proper Quality Control measures to make certain that the formulations are executed in most effective and are in accordance with Ayush norms following Ayurvedic tradition.

We ensure that an offered product have no side effect and provides quick relief. Rhuto India produces quality in its premises. Our experts monitor the quality of products at every Level of Manufacturing. The principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are rigorously followed in the plant and

Company prides itself on being environment friendly & creating pure Ayurvedic products according to authentic prescriptions. We have planned an implementation of semi automatic processes so as to ensure efficient production operations. We recently have embarked up with a range of  Essential Care Products under the category of Bathing powder, Exfoliaters, Face packs, Facial serums and Under eye treatments, Massage & Night cream enriched with Essential oil, under the brand name Femme Essentials in accordance to the guidelines of Ayush. Our beauty products are 100% natural, vegetarian and use the highest quality of natural ingredients. This means – No artificial colours. No artificial fragrance. No petrochemicals, Parabens, Urea, Propylene glycol or other harmful additives.  Our Educational program aims to steer ahead the way for Ayurvedic living as an indispensible part of people’s lifestyle while creating awareness about Ayurveda, healthy living for all.