Research &Development

We Reveal the Immortal Science of Ayurveda with our extensive Research & Development Nature itself is full of Treasure….Treasure of precious herbs and since ages and this precious Natural Heritage has proved its worth to cure various diseases.

We at Rhuto India lay our emphasis on Research & Development to proveclaims made by holistic system in terms of scientific rational, safeguarding ethics of Ayurveda

We are working hard for authenticity of Ayurveda with an aim to develop, standardize safe herbal Patent & Proprietary formulation on the basis of Ayurvedic texts and scientific studies.

The R&D team of Rhuto is crowned by a group well Renowned Vaidya’s, Experienced professional from different fields like Ayurveda, Pharmaceutical and Basic Sciences, whose tremendous efforts led to develop products like Rhuto oil, Rheumato Roll On, Bloodwin, Livtous, Aciflex, Femme (Vaginal Wash) for various branches of clinical specialties, which have gained wide acceptance, appreciation and recognizations.

Development of Unique products through R&D practices goes hand in hand

We at Rhuto incline ourselves to….make use of ingredients referred in the formulations of authoritative texts but with intellectual intervention, innovation or invention to manufacture products

This involves identification, processing and standardization of various herbs for their morphological characteristics (Macroscopic and Microscopic), phytochemical and instrumental analysis.

Innovative process routes to enhance the efficacy of the herbs and hence the efficacy of the product. Scientific techniques are used to determine the uniformity of active constituents to check batch-to-batch variations.

Emphasis is laid to evaluate the safety profile through acute and sub-acute toxicity studies and tests for microbial, heavy metals and other environmental contaminants.

Efficacy of the product is adjudged on various clinical parameters, scientific techniques are used for preservation and improving the shelf life safeguarding sagacity of Ayurveda

Besides the clinical studies conducted by our R&D, we have association with several other eminent institutions / hospitals where our major products have been clinically studied (randomized double blind) for their efficacy in the respective segments.